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Keep Business Booming During The Holidays

The holidays season is not always so pleasant for some businesses.  It becomes hard to connect with customers during the holiday season. People are distracted while planning vacations, bustling around with their families, and busy with numerous holiday parties.  Many companies begin to feel the pinch this time of year, especially service providers.


Continue to boom during the holiday season with these small tips:


  1. Turn your time into a profit
    Look through all of those business cards you collected at networking events this year.  That pile

will help you profit from the extra time coming up.  The holiday slump means extra time you can

spend working ON your business, instead of IN your business.  Connect with others.  Have potential business prospects or prospective partners you need to reach out to?  This is the time to make the calls and set up those coffee meetings.

  1. Donate your time 

Connect with a charity organization and volunteer your time to help the community.  Find a charity event that you and your team can be a part of.  This can refresh your team, or yourself, while less of your time is in demand from clients/customers.  Lending your time and support for a good cause is great for you and for your business!


  1. Work on next year’s strategy

Every year brings new challenges and opportunities.  Where did you succeed this year and where were your pitfalls?  Have you developed a plan to overcome the challenges and to expand on the strengths of your business?  Now is the time to do so, instead of waiting until the new year arrives.  Especially if your busy season is the first quarter of the year.  Preparation is key in building your strategic plan. Investing your time and resources now can be very fruitful for the growth of your business next year.


  1. Have Fun!

Think of ways to join in on the fun with your clients.  Come up with an enticing promotional offer or have a contest!  Perhaps you can get your clients and prospective clients together for the holidays by hosting a party.  If your budget allows for a small gathering, this is a great way to stay in touch with clients and prospective clients during the busy holiday season.

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